The task: create three brands with three different focuses. One brand that supports a good cause, one brand that would be controversial or go viral, and another that is rebranding an existing brand that is in crisis or defunct. 
sleepy teeth
This brand makes toothpaste with chamomile and valerian root. Both are known to help relax and calm the body before bed. The product is not a sedative, so it is not dangerous to use before driving/during the day. Sleepy teeth has a calming smell and flavor that is helpful while getting ready for bed. The brand believes that good sleep is essential to a good life. Sleepy teeth encourages you to get at least 8 hours every night and overall promotes sleep health. Proper sleep can prevent health issues including heart disease, kidney disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke, obesity, and depression.
Flavor Crack
The idea is that this will go viral due to the name and branding. “Cooking with crack” is a very bold way to sell a product. This shocking brand name will cause the brand to go viral. The marketing of women from the 50s gives a vintage aesthetic and is a nod to a time when drugs like morphine were sold over the counter.
The concept is a mix of vintage advertising aesthetics mixed with the idea of legally selling hard drugs. This concept of selling drugs is so ridiculous that I think it could go viral.
Myspace is a platform that prioritizes the people you follow. Unlike other platforms, there are no ads or sponsored posts, so your feed is not cluttered with stuff you don’t want to see. Also, myspace is about sharing what we love– this includes our favorite music, photos, recipes, poems, and more. People are so much more than a selfie and we should have a place to share the many facets of our life and interests. Instagram is making the same mistake as Myspace. People are tired of video content and seeing posts that aren’t from people they know. We need a platform that is just about friends and that platform is myspace.
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